All routines are £5 each. Please specify which routine you would like, in the comments section during checkout.


Reveal the location of any spectator's card and announce the number rolled on an ordinary dice.

The Cut it Out Stack

A brand new stacked deck from The Mind of Adam Hudson.

Out of Sync

A self-working mental card miracle.

Spell by Numbers

Predict a randomly generated word with no complicated mathematics or systems. Ideal for close-up, stage or parlour and receives excellent reactions every time.

Connect Call

Any spectator's phone, any spectator's mind and any time.

Out Dated

Obtain the power to reveal ANY spectator's birthday.

The Hullabaloo Deck

A multi-out packet that gives the ability to predict merely thought of cards.

Sum It Up

Adam's much talked about take on the ACAAN plot.

On the Cards

A self-working location and prediction of a selected card.