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Performing the routine My Thoughts Exactly from All in the Mind.

All In The Mind

Now In Stock! Adam's much anticipated third and final book in the series. The book is 157 pages in a paper backed format containing 11 routines. Some of the routines included are...

Turn to Stone - A business card mental miracle that allows any spectator to reveal the type of gemstone being held simply through it's vibrations.

Oh My Days - A formula from Adam's previous book has been adapted into a packet of playing cards that reveals a spectator's birthday.

Cubiks - A mixed packet of playing cards is used to solve a scrambled Rubix Cube. The cube is then used to spell out the card that was freely selected at the outset.

The Formula - An incredible formula that apparently predicts the turn of a card, roll of a dice and even the spin of a roulette wheel.

My Thoughts Exactly - A mental piece that allows the performer to reveal thought of numbers and thought of playing cards over the phone, via text, skype, e-mail or in person.

All this and much, much more. 


Performing the routine Prime Time from Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind consists of twenty year’s hard work in the art of Mentalism and Mental Magic.

This book teaches numerous brand new effects, never before to have been put in print. The material within utilizes exciting principles that bring about incredibly strong moments of wonder.

The routines include…

A Named Card in Envelope
Allows the performer to verbally manipulate any spectator to name the very card sitting in a nearby envelope.

Star Trik (The Next Revelation)
a flawless technique used to reveal any spectator’s star sign with nothing ever written down.

In Shape 
A hard-hitting revelation of exactly which shapes and colour the spectator has drawn. A brilliant method that is completely peek-free.

Fair and Square
Is an ingenious series of concepts, allowing the performer to create stunning predictions and revelations, of personal pin numbers.

All this and much, much more!!

This book is crammed full of techniques to know people’s birthdays, thought of objects, playing cards or exactly which item will be used in a game of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

This is a must have addition for any magic library.

Hard backed

175 pages

Over 20 routines



Performing the routine Your Days are Numbered from With You in Mind.

With You in Mind



Roll With It: The numbers uppermost on three covered dice are predicted on a performer's business card.

Double Dice-ception: A playing card is created by the naming of a suit and the rolling of two dice. But even under these remarkably fair conditions, the very card created is found to be the only one inside the tabled card box.

Stop, Lock and Listen: Three freely dealt piles of playing cards are used to unlock a combination padlock in this self-working miracle.

RAM: Is a feature length Mentalism routine that reveals thought of memories and the year that they occurred, concluding with a prediction showing that the performer knew in advance what numbers would be thought of.

Your Days Are Numbered: Is a method for knowing dates of birth for multiple audience members. This is a brand new system that alone is worth the price of the book. This can be performed via text, e-mail, over the phone or in person.

BACAAN Counter: Ables the performer to create an Any Card at Any Number without ever touching the packet of cards, the spectator unknowingly doing all of the hard work for them.

Easy-Peasy Prediction: Uses dice to select ESP symbols from a regular pack. Predictions made at the outset are then revealed to be 100% correct. Super easy and super strong!

Trip-Out: Uses absolutely nothing but the performer's voice and the spectator's mind. Learn this routine and always have the ability to reveal thought of animals, fruits, colours and playing cards.

Overboard: Is a lovely multi card reveal, climaxing with a whiteboard prediction being inverted to create the name of the final playing card selection.

Oh My Days: Consists of a self-working method to reveal spectator's dates of birth. The routine is packed full of tips and thoughts, even enabling audience members to complete the birthday reveal.

Short-Out: Can Predict 'any' thought of card in a clean and visually stunning way.

It's The Thought That Counts: Contains a sure fire system to work out any thought of playing card. This is the result of over ten years of work.

Mis-Match: Turns the spectator into the psychic, where all of their choices in an ESP test are dramatically correct.

 All of the routines in this book are fresh, new ideas in the world of Mentalism and Mental Magic. Adam's work has been praised by many respected names in the magic community, including Derren Brown.

 Paper backed book 140 pages 13 routines



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